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Probiotics otherwise known as "Friendly Bacteria"

Yeast is caused by an imbalance in our friendly flora or our friendly bacteria. Whether through immune dysfunction or trauma, improper diet or x-rays, It is important to put friendly bacteria back into your system through a high quality probiotic or acidophilus supplement.

Or course it is also important to stop feeding the yeast by avoiding the foods that yeast likes. Once you stop feeding the yeast and reintroduce the friendly bacteria again through the use of Acidophilous, the body will begin to heal itself.

Because digestion is key to healing yeast, a digestive cleanser is also essential.

Another very important supplement to include in your daily regiment would be a top quality yeast-free B-Complex or Multi vitamin. The majority of yeast people seem to be B-complex deficient which is one of the reasons for the feeling of great tiredness and inability to handle stress. B-complex is also essential in helping us to get a good night's sleep. So make sure to include this important supplement in your morning routine.

In my experience with my clients, most yeast can be cleared up within a 4-6 week period. Emotions play a role and so it is important to take an honest look at who you have become. Once you begin to recognize that unrecognizable person, make a commitment to change you back to the you that makes you happy. He or she is in there somewhere. Most likely you've been hiding you for a long time. Maybe its time to find you again!

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