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Is Yeast Hiding Under All Those Fears? A Ten Year Old's Journey to Healing Yeast...

Katie came to see me over a year ago. She was only nine years old at the time. Her mother expressed three issues she felt Katie struggled with: anxiety, skin picking and focussing.

Katie had many fears.. snakes were one and mascots were another. She cringed at the thought of coming face to face with either of them. Her fears kept her from attending football games and circuses as well as playing outdoors. 

She  also had a habit of picking at her skin until it bled. When I asked her why she did that, she really did not know. I suspected it was itchy.

Her last complaint was her inability to focus at school. Her school work was suffering. 

We started her program by dealing with the fears and anxiety, as I felt they were connected to everything else, as everything always is. She tested strong for Mimulus.

Her mother watched as Katie began to shed her fears ever so slowly, one fear at a time (patience is key to healing). Before long, Katie was no longer afraid to express for herself some of the fears she was shifting and those she was still working on. I enjoyed watching her heal.

As she moved through her fears, her body revealed what was hidden underneath. A rash appeared and it WAS itchy! I had no doubt it was a yeast rash, so we began to work with a yeast program. Katie’s mom had a lot to learn about yeast.

What she learned is that the more disciplined she and Katie were at avoiding the yeasty foods, the faster Katie’s skin calmed. When Katie cheated (and Katie wanted to cheat), her skin was quick to respond. We also had her on flowers, detox herbs and candida supplements to help support her healing. All of these efforts were allowing Katie to understand the path to healing herself.

As Katie’s skin showed continued improvement, her mom’s guilt surrounding Katie’s issues took over and she convinced herself that cheating just a little wouldn’t hurt. Northing was further from the truth. Cheating a little hurt a lot! 

On one of Katie’s layers, I received an emergency call. “Katie’s skin is breaking out again all over. Its on her stomach, arms and face. It doesn’t look good.”

“Have you introduced a new food that might be feeding the yeast?” Food was always my “go to” place when the skin is screaming. 

“Well... I did let her have apples. She is so limited. I feel......” 

I stopped Mom in her tracks. “I don’t want to know why you gave her yeasty food, I just want to know what it is. Justifying this won’t help. Dealing with it will.” Katie’s Mom understood.

As I tested the apples, I received a clear negative response. Apples were not good for Katie. Katie’s Mom quickly moved her guilt out of the way and chose to deal with truth. “I promise to eliminate the apples.”

I had a request for Mom. “Before you introduce something new into Katie’s diet, please let me test it first.” It was painful to watch Katie suffer with that nasty rash. And yet, it was the only way her body knew how to get her attention; and it certainly had her full attention. Katie was willing to go back on her strict yeast diet. Itching was not fun. Her mom agreed.

The next time we spoke, Katie’s rash was almost completely cleared. She was tired of salads; not so tired of being itch free. She agreed to continue until her skin assured her she was healed. 

I am very proud of Katie. Now, when a client tells me that the candida diet is too limiting and they feel they can’t do it, I share Katie’s story with them and remind them that “if a ten year old can do it, what is your excuse?”

Since healing at these deep layers, Katie is proud to announce that her fear of snakes and mascots has all but disappeared. She is more focussed in school and she is starring in the school play. Life is good.

Healing yeast is not so bad after all.

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