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A Perfect Picture of What Happens When One Chooses to Heal Yeast..

Lorraine and I started working together in January of 2015. During our first session she shared that she was struggling with a severe rash that materialized in June of 2014 after she burned her lips. "I have been itching with this rash for 6 months and have tried many therapies before I contacted you." 

When we began working together, Lorraine asked if she could send me a picture so I understood what she was dealing with. It looked painful and Lorraine, as you can see, was not happy. I knew Lorraine had a lot of work to do. Her body was screaming to be loved.
January 2015
For six months, Lorraine worked diligently to heal her yeast. She was committed to the program. When her body reacted, we worked together to figure out what was causing the reaction. There was no doubt that some of the cosmetics she was using aggravated the situation. Mostly, however, Lorraine was recognizing her emotional states of frustration and anxiety. These two energies caused her to become easily upset over minor issues. This state had become normal to Lorraine and she barely recognized it in herself. Her rash assured her it would not be denied.

As each layer revealed more and more about what Lorraine was in need of healing, I kept reminding her that healing takes time, energy and patience. Lorraine became patient and learned to replace her old energies with new, healthier ones. Eventually she shared more of what she was learning with me, "I'm sure yeast was in my body for a long time. I had sensitivities to certain foods as well as other symptoms for years that I only now recognize as yeast."

Fast forward six months later. The difference is amazing! Her face tells the story. 

July 2015
Although she tried to give me credit for her healing, its simply not true. My job is to teach her how to heal herself. Lorraine did all the work and she did it beautifully. She knows there is more work to do; her body still speaks to her in certain places and at certain times. Lorraine is learning to interpret her body's signals.

Lorraine recently sent me one last quote that she wanted to be included in her article: "It is such a joy working with Linda's support and guidance in discovering how to heal your body naturally. The process takes many twists and turns physically, emotionally and spiritually, but it is so worth doing the work needed."

Today Lorraine is certain she is on the right path to loving herself. Love really does heal all.

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