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Shame and Yeast.. What Do They Have In Common?

There is a major point to all the work we are doing to heal ourselves. This work helps surface old emotions and beliefs for us to recognize and then change when we are healthy enough to do just that. If we dig deep enough, we will get to the layer that we have been hiding from our whole lives.. the layer attached to shame. 

Shame comes in many shapes and sizes... it can resemble an elephant in the room; or it can be subtle, barely noticeable. Shame can be attached to a thought, a word or an action from our past that we are trying to forget. And although we are good at hiding shame, shame will not be forsaken. Shame is stored deep in the depths of our bowels waiting for the day we are ready to face these pains.

As we recognize this deeply hidden layer, I have witnessed something quite amazing. As shame surfaces, yeast surfaces with it… something akin to a game of piggyback, and they seem to play well together. As we open the shame doorway, it is only a matter of time that yeast follows its path. As yeast surfaces with shame, we have this insatiable urge to feed it; and while we are feeding it, yeast has the ability to take over the body.

Yeast often reveals itself through physical symptoms including (but not limited to) bladder infections, yeast infections and skin rashes. These are sure signs that the body is out of balance and screaming for attention.

What does all this mean? It means you are ready to heal at this deep level. You are ready to deal with both the shame and yeast attached to it. They are interconnected energies, so we must treat them as such. The most important step to begin healing these energies is to AVOID the foods that feed the yeast! And because cravings are a call to feed the emotions, we will immediately begin to crave these foods. Its a silly game we play with ourself. The better you are at recognizing you are feeding the yeast and then choose to avoid yeasty foods, the faster you move through the shame. 

It also becomes essential to increase probiotics and possibly introduce a prebiotic into the regiment. This is where your healing really becomes “all about you” in a very healthy way. Flushing the body with pure spring water is essential, so drink a good 8 cups of pure spring water a day; one cup at a time to help with this flushing process.

Ultimately the point of healing at this level is to change that which I am ashamed of into “I am proud of who I am right now.” How do we do that? By refusing to hide the old energies and owning that which is mine. It is here I can shift myself. This shift in energy helps put the yeast back where it belongs, in the depths of the bowels while at the same time, lighting the way to a new path of self discovery through love and forgiveness.

If it were easy to heal, we would all be healed by now. Yet... it is the most rewarding experience of our lives.. becoming who we truly came to be by letting go of the things we are not.

You can remember what feeds yeast and shame here:

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