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Is Candida Your Problem?

Eighty percent of Americans, at some point in their lives, create a condition know as Candida. Candida is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the body. We are supposed to have what is called "friendly bacteria" in our colon. It is part of our immune system. It's main function is to keep bad bacteria from entering the body. It is one of our protective shields to keep us healthy. The problem is that most Americans have killed off their friendly bacteria without being aware of it. It's one of the best kept secrets in America... one that manages to keep most Americans very ill.

Depending upon how long you have had yeast, symptoms may include but are not limited to:
- bloating
- tiredness
- depression
- anxiety
- headaches
- allergies
- muscle aches
- inability to concentrate
- digestive problems
- skin rashes
- kidney/bladder infections
- yeast infections
- blurred vision

Does this sound like you? If so, deal with your yeast.

What causes yeast to manifest in the body?

  • Poor digestion feeds yeast. When our digestion is not working properly, food will sit too long in the system and yeast now has time to attack! However, the good news is that yeast cannot live in a body that digests properly. So if you think yeast is your problem, fix your digestion! I cannot stress that enough. For more information on healing digestion link to:
  • Over-use of drugs and/or antibiotics aggravate yeast. This can also include over the counter medications.
  • X-Rays can stimulate a yeast condition. Although this statement may be denied by many health professionals, my personal experiences have taught me that x-rays can imbalance the friend flora. Within two days following teeth x-rays, my body was in yeast overload, and I am not a person that usually has a problem with yeast. So pay attention to your body's language following any x-ray.
  • Working around fumes and/or poisons
  • Trauma and long-term stress
  • A diet that is full of refined foods and chemicals
  • A baby can be born with a yeast condition if the mother had a yeast problem when carrying the baby. Remember, the baby gets its nourishment from the mother.. as well as its yeast! Babies with yeast usually manifest symptoms early on in life, including thrush or chronic diaper rash.
There are only a handful of foods that feed yeast. When I first began working with clients with chronic yeast, I learned specifically what yeast likes to feed on. Some sites will tell you that yeast lives on any food that turns to sugar in the body. That has not been my experience with my clients. Yeast likes the simple sugars. Why? Because if our digestion is working properly, the complex sugars will break down in the body before yeast has a chance to attach to it.

If you stop eating the foods that feed yeast, your body can begin to heal. So its important to learn what feeds yeast. For a complete listing of foods that feed yeast, link to:

Once you are conscious of the yeast foods, you can stop eating them and yeast will have no power over you.

The funny thing is that those with chronic yeast crave the foods that feed their condition. Cravings signify an imbalance. So if you really want to heal, eliminate your cravings and focus on the foods that nourish your body and your soul.

The majority of my clients can bring their body back into balance in four short weeks. This happens because healing takes place on all levels. First its important to heal the physical body through proper digestion and nourishing foods. Next, the emotional level must be balanced. We do this with the help of flower essences and homeopathic remedies. And finally, we work the mental body by learning to make the choices that make us happy.

Get're about to partake on a journey that can bring you back to health!

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