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Shame and Yeast.. What Do They Have In Common?

There is a major point to all the work we are doing to heal ourselves. This work helps surface old emotions and beliefs for us to recognize and then change when we are healthy enough to do just that. If we dig deep enough, we will get to the layer that we have been hiding from our whole lives.. the layer attached to shame. 

Shame comes in many shapes and sizes... it can resemble an elephant in the room; or it can be subtle, barely noticeable. Shame can be attached to a thought, a word or an action from our past that we are trying to forget. And although we are good at hiding shame, shame will not be forsaken. Shame is stored deep in the depths of our bowels waiting for the day we are ready to face these pains.

As we recognize this deeply hidden layer, I have witnessed something quite amazing. As shame surfaces, yeast surfaces with it… something akin to a game of piggyback, and they seem to play well together. As we open the shame doorway, it is only a matter of time that yeast follows its path. As yeast surfaces with shame, we have this insatiable urge to feed it; and while we are feeding it, yeast has the ability to take over the body.

Yeast often reveals itself through physical symptoms including (but not limited to) bladder infections, yeast infections and skin rashes. These are sure signs that the body is out of balance and screaming for attention.

What does all this mean? It means you are ready to heal at this deep level. You are ready to deal with both the shame and yeast attached to it. They are interconnected energies, so we must treat them as such. The most important step to begin healing these energies is to AVOID the foods that feed the yeast! And because cravings are a call to feed the emotions, we will immediately begin to crave these foods. Its a silly game we play with ourself. The better you are at recognizing you are feeding the yeast and then choose to avoid yeasty foods, the faster you move through the shame. 

It also becomes essential to increase probiotics and possibly introduce a prebiotic into the regiment. This is where your healing really becomes “all about you” in a very healthy way. Flushing the body with pure spring water is essential, so drink a good 8 cups of pure spring water a day; one cup at a time to help with this flushing process.

Ultimately the point of healing at this level is to change that which I am ashamed of into “I am proud of who I am right now.” How do we do that? By refusing to hide the old energies and owning that which is mine. It is here I can shift myself. This shift in energy helps put the yeast back where it belongs, in the depths of the bowels while at the same time, lighting the way to a new path of self discovery through love and forgiveness.

If it were easy to heal, we would all be healed by now. Yet... it is the most rewarding experience of our lives.. becoming who we truly came to be by letting go of the things we are not.

You can remember what feeds yeast and shame here:

A Perfect Picture of What Happens When One Chooses to Heal Yeast..

Lorraine and I started working together in January of 2015. During our first session she shared that she was struggling with a severe rash that materialized in June of 2014 after she burned her lips. "I have been itching with this rash for 6 months and have tried many therapies before I contacted you." 

When we began working together, Lorraine asked if she could send me a picture so I understood what she was dealing with. It looked painful and Lorraine, as you can see, was not happy. I knew Lorraine had a lot of work to do. Her body was screaming to be loved.
January 2015
For six months, Lorraine worked diligently to heal her yeast. She was committed to the program. When her body reacted, we worked together to figure out what was causing the reaction. There was no doubt that some of the cosmetics she was using aggravated the situation. Mostly, however, Lorraine was recognizing her emotional states of frustration and anxiety. These two energies caused her to become easily upset over minor issues. This state had become normal to Lorraine and she barely recognized it in herself. Her rash assured her it would not be denied.

As each layer revealed more and more about what Lorraine was in need of healing, I kept reminding her that healing takes time, energy and patience. Lorraine became patient and learned to replace her old energies with new, healthier ones. Eventually she shared more of what she was learning with me, "I'm sure yeast was in my body for a long time. I had sensitivities to certain foods as well as other symptoms for years that I only now recognize as yeast."

Fast forward six months later. The difference is amazing! Her face tells the story. 

July 2015
Although she tried to give me credit for her healing, its simply not true. My job is to teach her how to heal herself. Lorraine did all the work and she did it beautifully. She knows there is more work to do; her body still speaks to her in certain places and at certain times. Lorraine is learning to interpret her body's signals.

Lorraine recently sent me one last quote that she wanted to be included in her article: "It is such a joy working with Linda's support and guidance in discovering how to heal your body naturally. The process takes many twists and turns physically, emotionally and spiritually, but it is so worth doing the work needed."

Today Lorraine is certain she is on the right path to loving herself. Love really does heal all.

Is Yeast Hiding Under All Those Fears? A Ten Year Old's Journey to Healing Yeast...

Katie came to see me over a year ago. She was only nine years old at the time. Her mother expressed three issues she felt Katie struggled with: anxiety, skin picking and focussing.

Katie had many fears.. snakes were one and mascots were another. She cringed at the thought of coming face to face with either of them. Her fears kept her from attending football games and circuses as well as playing outdoors. 

She  also had a habit of picking at her skin until it bled. When I asked her why she did that, she really did not know. I suspected it was itchy.

Her last complaint was her inability to focus at school. Her school work was suffering. 

We started her program by dealing with the fears and anxiety, as I felt they were connected to everything else, as everything always is. She tested strong for Mimulus.

Her mother watched as Katie began to shed her fears ever so slowly, one fear at a time (patience is key to healing). Before long, Katie was no longer afraid to express for herself some of the fears she was shifting and those she was still working on. I enjoyed watching her heal.

As she moved through her fears, her body revealed what was hidden underneath. A rash appeared and it WAS itchy! I had no doubt it was a yeast rash, so we began to work with a yeast program. Katie’s mom had a lot to learn about yeast.

What she learned is that the more disciplined she and Katie were at avoiding the yeasty foods, the faster Katie’s skin calmed. When Katie cheated (and Katie wanted to cheat), her skin was quick to respond. We also had her on flowers, detox herbs and candida supplements to help support her healing. All of these efforts were allowing Katie to understand the path to healing herself.

As Katie’s skin showed continued improvement, her mom’s guilt surrounding Katie’s issues took over and she convinced herself that cheating just a little wouldn’t hurt. Northing was further from the truth. Cheating a little hurt a lot! 

On one of Katie’s layers, I received an emergency call. “Katie’s skin is breaking out again all over. Its on her stomach, arms and face. It doesn’t look good.”

“Have you introduced a new food that might be feeding the yeast?” Food was always my “go to” place when the skin is screaming. 

“Well... I did let her have apples. She is so limited. I feel......” 

I stopped Mom in her tracks. “I don’t want to know why you gave her yeasty food, I just want to know what it is. Justifying this won’t help. Dealing with it will.” Katie’s Mom understood.

As I tested the apples, I received a clear negative response. Apples were not good for Katie. Katie’s Mom quickly moved her guilt out of the way and chose to deal with truth. “I promise to eliminate the apples.”

I had a request for Mom. “Before you introduce something new into Katie’s diet, please let me test it first.” It was painful to watch Katie suffer with that nasty rash. And yet, it was the only way her body knew how to get her attention; and it certainly had her full attention. Katie was willing to go back on her strict yeast diet. Itching was not fun. Her mom agreed.

The next time we spoke, Katie’s rash was almost completely cleared. She was tired of salads; not so tired of being itch free. She agreed to continue until her skin assured her she was healed. 

I am very proud of Katie. Now, when a client tells me that the candida diet is too limiting and they feel they can’t do it, I share Katie’s story with them and remind them that “if a ten year old can do it, what is your excuse?”

Since healing at these deep layers, Katie is proud to announce that her fear of snakes and mascots has all but disappeared. She is more focussed in school and she is starring in the school play. Life is good.

Healing yeast is not so bad after all.

Pure Maple Syrup - Candida's Least Favorite Sweetener

My clients often express an inability to avoid sugary desserts during the holidays. I remind them that white sugar is toxic to the human body and mind; it feeds yeast conditions. Instead of poisoning one’s body, I suggest they take the time to make their own desserts. It all begins with pure maple syrup and I am happy to share my favorite holiday dessert recipe with you, Maple Pecan Pie.

This recipe originally came from “The Maple Syrup Baking and Dessert Cookbook” by Ken Haedrich. I think Ken’s book is one of the finest maple syrup cookbooks I have come across. If you can get your hands on a copy do so. You will be happy you did!

I have changed Ken’s Maple Pecan Pie recipe a bit to meet my tastes. This is my version of Ken’s original. Its simple, quick and delicious! Its worth your time and effort.

Preheat over to 425.

Beat 3 organic/free range eggs at high speed with electric mixer for two minutes until they are soft and fluffy looking.

1 cup (minus two tablespoons) pure maple syrup
Beat again for 10 seconds until mixed

1/4 cup (minus 1 tablespoon) of organic cane juice crystals
1/4 cup (minus 1 tablespoon) of organic brown sugar
1/2 tsp sea salt
Beat again for about 10 seconds until mixed

1 stick organic melted butter
1 tsp pure organic vanilla extract
1 Tbs organic unbleached white flour
Beat again about 10 seconds or so until mixed
Put aside for a moment.

Next spread:
1-2/3 cup (or so) of organic pecans in your favorite pie shell. 
Note: I like to cut my pecan halves into quarters so they are bite sized.

Gently pour the liquid over the pecans. Bake at 425 for 10 minutes. Lower to 375 and bake another 1/2 hour until golden, puffed and not soupy in the middle. (It will be very puffed but will settle down once it cools.)

Now enjoy... Yes, this dessert is rich, however, it is not toxic; and that’s what makes all the difference in how your body and yeast will react to it!!! Of course, its important not to eat the whole pie in one sitting. Enjoy a slice and love that you took care of your needs without having to poison yourself! Your body will love you for it, and love really does heal all.

What Do Tonsils Have To Do With It?

Did you ever notice that often times those children who have lost their tonsils also have issues with adenoids and appendix? Could it be that they are all inter-related with one another? That's my thought anyway.

It makes no sense to me that we have body parts for no apparent reason. It is my thought that all of these body parts have very important functions. Let's think about how often people manifest colds and sinus infections. The body can easily heal a cold. It uses the lymphatic system to drain the mucus until the body heals itself. Sinus infections are a little more complicated.

Sinus infections are created through the victim mentality. The victim mentality is when we are feeling unappreciated. We use blame as a means to justify our resentments. It is when we are blaming others for our own unhappiness that we actually create an infection in the mucus membranes. Once infection becomes a reality, the body goes into high gear to protect itself.

It is my thought that the tonsils actually produce our friendly bacteria. And in that moment when the body is trying to drain the infected mucus into the lymphatic system, the tonsils are able to neutralize the infection with friendly bacteria. This acts as a protective mechanism.

So what purpose do the adenoids fill? I believe the adenoids protect the eyes and brain from the infection. It forces the infection down into the throat where the tonsils can do their job . Amazing!

So what's the connection to the appendix? I believe the appendix stores the friendly bacteria produced by the tonsils keeping the bad bacteria in the lower part of the colon where it belongs.

If this information is all correct, then would it make sense that people without tonsils cannot produce friendly bacteria and will be subject to chronic yeast problems?

And someone without adenoids.. are they more apt to create infections that manifest in the eyes as well as becoming more prone to sinus headaches?

Those who have lost their appendix, are they more prone to colon issues and yeast infections?

I'd like someone to prove me wrong...better yet, I'd like to find someone to prove me right.

Probiotics otherwise known as "Friendly Bacteria"

Yeast is caused by an imbalance in our friendly flora or our friendly bacteria. Whether through immune dysfunction or trauma, improper diet or x-rays, It is important to put friendly bacteria back into your system through a high quality probiotic or acidophilus supplement.

Or course it is also important to stop feeding the yeast by avoiding the foods that yeast likes. Once you stop feeding the yeast and reintroduce the friendly bacteria again through the use of Acidophilous, the body will begin to heal itself.

Because digestion is key to healing yeast, a digestive cleanser is also essential.

Another very important supplement to include in your daily regiment would be a top quality yeast-free B-Complex or Multi vitamin. The majority of yeast people seem to be B-complex deficient which is one of the reasons for the feeling of great tiredness and inability to handle stress. B-complex is also essential in helping us to get a good night's sleep. So make sure to include this important supplement in your morning routine.

In my experience with my clients, most yeast can be cleared up within a 4-6 week period. Emotions play a role and so it is important to take an honest look at who you have become. Once you begin to recognize that unrecognizable person, make a commitment to change you back to the you that makes you happy. He or she is in there somewhere. Most likely you've been hiding you for a long time. Maybe its time to find you again!

Now That You're Candida Free!

It's been at least four weeks, you've been following the yeast-free diet and are feeling much better. You have worked on your improving your digestion. Your energy level has improved, your sleeping better, and your digestion feels great! You feel truly healthy again, and now it's time to think about the possibility of being candida free. The only way to know is to try.. slowly!

But how do you begin? By reintroducing foods - one at a time - back into your diet. Remember, however, that you have learned to do without all the bad foods and done quite well without them. Don't go back to bad habits. When we say reintroduce foods, we are talking about all the good food you had to eliminate during your candida diet days, such as apples, pears, walnuts, hummus, and a really nice yeasted whole grain bread. A good bread will have simple ingredients, such as whole grains, water, salt & yeast with a possible nut or seed added for fun! We find that the whole grain sourdough breads as well as the whole grain sprouted breads are the easiest to digest. So after introducing regular wheat bread, if you find yourself very tired after meals, or you begin to produce excessive mucous, we would recommend changing your bread choices back to either sourdough or sprouted grain.

To remain healthy, continue to stay away from the bad foods, such as caffeine, artificial flavors, refined white flours and white sugars, colors & preservatives. The body has no use for such foods and will only get you back into trouble.

Cow cheese is a huge allergen and most people do much better eliminating or keeping cow products to a minimum in their diet. You will know once you try it.What I have learned is now that you are "clean" and your body is functioning very well, it will also speak to you very clearly. By this we mean that when you put something into your body that it does not like, it will let you know. Some of the symptoms of allergies people have experienced may include stomach ache, headache, rash, sinus problems, etc. If you react now, you are probably allergic to the food, or maybe the food was full of a chemical or preservative. Your body may not stand for it any more.

Some clients told me they think they have gotten more sensitive since completing a candida program. I believe you are not more sensitive. You probably always were, but there was so much wrong with your whole system, you didn't even notice it. Now you will notice, and this is just where you want to be. The body has the ability to communicate. Our job is to learn this language so we can understand ourselves.

If you go back to your old ways of bad oils or fatty foods, you may one day realize that your digestion is blown out again. You will find that after eating, your foods are once again getting "stuck". This is your body language telling you the body is not happy again! But don't fret... you now realize you have the power to fix it! That's the beauty of this type of healing.. you do have the knowledge.. you just have to remember it!The feeling you are experiencing may be an unhappy digestive system. Get back on your dandelion, burdock or yellow dock (whichever one you used originally) for a week or so and stop eating the foods creating the problem. And don't do denial about it! Be honest with yourself. By being honest you are back in control and responsible for your own healing. Isn't that what this is about? Self responsibility?

Remember, only you can heal you. And with self responsibility comes truth. Pay attention to how you do things. And when you find you are doing things that don't make you happy, change them!Emotions play a huge role in our ability to maintain a healthy attitude (see our blog on "healing emotions"). Don't forget to introduce flower essences at some point to heal your negative emotional states. This will create a healthy emotional atmosphere that will allow you to truly "see" how you do your stuff!Pay attention when your body speaks and you will remain in the healthy shape you have worked so hard to achieve.

Choose your food wisely - it's what will keep you healthy. We will continue to be here for any questions or concerns you may have,Feel free to count on us! Enjoy your new, healthy way of life and good luck in the real world!